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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Let’s Dump on Trump Some More-Hey It Rhymes!

Scapegoating On Trump Again

A huge dump of information on Trump's doings in India.
As if no one knew that all big real estate deals involve unbridled corruption and payoffs. And as Foucault said, "Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not knowing." So the long lived zine continues on its path of least resistance, Trump bashing. It is pages long and detailed. And this is what pays the bills for journalists. And not just recently.

It seems few have read Ayn Rand's Fountainhead and fully understood her deconstruction of the media - newspapers. Raising the Banner to the level of mediocrity to dominate the minds of the mediocracy (that Ellsworth Toohey has programmed) that read it until they can be told and sold (what happens when reading Nietzsche) on anything you want.
Go on read it again until you get it

The title has an addition: Trump Inc. and the corruption of the American Presidency. Well well that's something NEW? When did it stop? Hearst said, "I don't report the news, I make the news." Isn't that plain enough. What is new about the corrupt media displacing on Trump for corruption?

Got me.

Inside this edition is the article Anti-Intelligence another bashing one on Trump.

Ironically, much of the danger Trump poses can be laid at the feet of Barack Obama. Assuming that past norms would be future norms, Obama created the most powerful surveillance state the world has ever seen.. Over eight years, he spent more than $100 billion on everything from eavesdropping satellites encircling the globe, to a million-square-foot building in the Utah desert for storing massive troves of intercepted data, to secret taps on the hundreds of thousands of miles of undersea cables that carry everything from tweets to Google searches to endless chatter. He also unleashed fleets of killer drones around the world, authorized the assassination of Americans without trial, and jailed more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined. (p.17)

Ya still didn't get Snowden didja honey?

While blaming Obama for not seeing consequences - Clintons on student debt,3 strikes, repeal of Glass-Steagall etc - I ask when did the last president ever see the consequences of his actions? I cant remember. Someone tell me please!

Whistleblowers are not whistleblowers. They are PARRHESIASTES and Foucault's genealogy on this term goes back to ancient times.

Obama punished more than all previous administrations combined. 
This indicates fear/hatred or maybe even terror/rage
There is no question that Putin started being agressed against when he gave Snowden asylum. A great humiliation for the Free World eh. An inversion from our giving asylum from the USSR Cold War. Two can play this game.

So now Trump is the evil one for being able to use the evil Obama unleashed on us and the world. Does that just make Obama a dummy? Or does it make Obama evil? I know what I think. Do you? (Ssssshhhhh. How about BOTH?)

Wait a minute. Suppose the consequences are different. The spy industry is institutionalized which means it will continue after a presidential administration is forgotten history. But the danger to wives, husbands, children family are still dangers. They will depend on the spy industry to protect them and "their loved ones" in all the years to come. But what happens if they confront the spy industry? Will they take exceptional precautions for you? 

Trump has his own security detail. He trusts them NOT.

The above paragraph is absolute VIOLENCE! And that is not worse than anything Trump has even imagined so far? Gimme a break! and it is embedded in an article (SO WE PROBABLY WONT NOTICE) with tons more information that is not knowledge  - and knowledge is not knowing.

And we are supposed to respect journalists, even from a well thought of zine like The New Republic? A zine that has accumulated respect for decades, over a hundred years isn't it now? Even good journalists are unable to openly tell the truth and they haven't been ever.

Can we please be reminded of Chomsky's 
Manufacturing of Consent
Why a Journalist can NEVER tell us the Truth
All the truthtellers have been manufactured out of their jobs.
You know. They disrupt the discourse, have their own opinions, disagree, argue with the editors and they are weeded out sooner or later and censored before they can do any damage.

Hopefully the resistance that Trump has spawned will make them braver but I haven't seen much evidence of that yet. 

Have you?

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Stefan Simchowitz Read Through Nassim Nicholas Taleb's SKIN IN THE GAME

Stefan Simchowitz
Stefan entered the art world as an EVENT. As a BLACK SWAN as Nassim Taleb might say.
I dont upload books from Amazon anymore if at all possible. Sorry it is not so good an image as Amazon's
Stefan seems to not fully understand his extraordinary position in the art world at this time as he is simply following himself. So far no one is following him but that is just a temporary lag.

I have written my reading of him through Continental Philosophers, particularly Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin. To me he has moved the "selling" of art far away from his idea of collecting. To summarize again he buys directly from the artist he prefers, holds the pieces in his own collection, and uses his ability to make the artist visible and collectible to others. No gallery, no stable, no trotting them around for PR so they can stay in their studios and WORK!

On reading a blog post from one of my favorites Nassim Nicholas Taleb from his latest book:

Now we have the sound bite for Stefan. 
What Stefan has done is HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME! !!!
This is clear. Correct? Stefan has put his money where his eyes have chosen. 
He will profit from his choice. Or not. 
The artist will profit more also. Or not.
So far Stefan is doing very well.
We can say he has a very good eye.

And when you read the Nassim Taleb link on Skin in the Game you will see why Stefan is changing the art collecting world. And Stefan will see why also.

just told him why!