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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Lyrics for John Mayer:SHOTGUN EYES

SHOTGUN EYES Lyrics for John Mayer

Hey country girl

With your shotgun eyes

Takin aim at me

Long after I saw you comin

Long before you guessed I did

Peek-a-boo dresses

With cowboy boots

Shirley Temple curls

Lurin me in

Meant to fool me

Floatin signs

Lurin me in

Singin there

Movin there

But hey country girl

With the shotgun eyes

Aimin at me

Medusa gazin at me

I've read Butler

And Rubenstein too

I know about drag

And masquerade

But I don't think

That you do


I'm gonna tell you baby

I'm gonna tell you baby

I'm gonna show you baby

I'm gonna show you baby

Yeah that's what I said

It's all about pretend

All about pretend

I didn't give you a baby, baby

I jes gave you a song




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