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Wednesday, August 14, 2019



Beautiful portrait. The photographer sees you.
Your DE-SHAMING Error:NOT reporting on your Birthday.
Would make them SQUIRM inside much more

“When things get tough,” Neil Gaiman advised on in his fantastic commencement address on the creative life, “this is what you should do: Make good art. I’m serious. Husband runs off with a politician — make good art. Leg crushed and then eaten by a mutated boa constrictor — make good art. IRS on your trail — make good art. Cat exploded — make good art.” One could easily extrapolate, “Big Brother on your ass
— make good art.”   
Dr. Zuzanna Szatanik (Professor of Gender Studies and Literature)
 and Creston Davis of GCAS
. .....We discussed, for example, how real thinkers and progressives have been
targeted both in the United States and in Europe for being creative in terms of
the activist tactics.  In this respect, Zuza’s and my work very much intersect
because not only does our work attempt to uncover hidden ideological power
(class-struggle, racism, sexism, lookism etc.) but how that power is used to
reproduce oppressive conditions for other marginalized and oppressed voices. 
What is perhaps even more disturbing is how pretend progressives (people
who identify themselves as victims of social and political oppression) will use
strategies to shame other oppressed groups in the name of self-righteous
“justice”.  Often groups who deploy these heavy-handed strategies
of “shame” are themselves members of highly privileged and powerful
groups even though they perceive themselves as victims
What is brilliant about Zuza’s book, De-shamed. Feminist strategies of transgression. The case of Lorna Crozier´s poetry, is that it demonstrates a very clear and compelling argument for how shame can be traversed precisely by giving voice to women. By allowing (or risking) women to voice their shame they are able to trans-gress the power that shame has had over them. As a consequence of voicing shame–women can be liberated from the power that shame has had over them both psychologically and socially (symbolically). What I especially like about the basic matrix of this book is that this same “de-shaming” strategy can be used to liberate other perceived acts of shame; indeed Zuza is brilliant in identifying the logic of shaming itself. MORE

Often when a person in power exacts 
their power onto a target (a group or 
person) they will use tactics of shame 
in order to silence the victim.  That is, 
they will “frame” the targeted victim in 
terms of “shaming” so that the target 
(the one who is a victim of sexual 
abuse or of a false accusation etc.) 
will be too ashamed to speak the truth– 
to trans-gress the oppressor by 
exposing the oppressor as the true 
culprit of injustice.  By discovering the 
power of “de-shaming” we are able to
expose the oppressor for what they 
truly are. But not only are you able to 
expose the oppressor you are at the 
same time liberated from their 
oppressive scheme of “shaming” you.

 In this way the one 
who feels shame is able to reverse the 
table by exposing the truth, 
even if the 
telling of that truth is perceived as shameful.

Ai WeiWei used to be a dissident artist in China, now free, he is the same in the world. Chinese government put surveillance cameras in his studio and home. Not in his bedroom. Ai WeiWei installed one in his bedroom. The government begged him to take it away. He refused. Installing his own camera was an act of DE-SHAMING!
    Richard Hambleton- Jumping Shadow       Fight Club?

Sunday, August 04, 2019

El Paso Shooting Deconstructed

The El Paso shooting is being treated as a case of 'domestic terrorism,' US attorney says

Severe Depression

Saturday August 3, 2019 is the date of the El Paso Shooting.

So we have another mass shooting described as terrorism to instill more fear into the American people. It makes us easier to control folks.

A young boy from Allen TX was apprehended at Walmart, the scene of the shooting. 
Allen is one of those rural areas outside of Dallas that has in the past 20 years or so been covered with development tract houses to take advantage of low interest rates. It is known for its exceptional state of the art football stadium.


His online Manifesto blames both political parties and is a rather common political assessment of the US political environment which online contributors and commenters are familiar with. So nothing very new about his thinking.

McLuhan has alerted us to the finest analysis of the media anyone has ever been able to instruct us to learn.



Serial terroristic murders have become common these days. Each one is proclaimed by the media as an EVENT but so far they have not been seen in any total perception - that's what MESSAGE is - that would make them appear normal - they are getting normal however - or as any institutionalized protest or guerrilla action against a government perceived as antagonistic to individuals and currying favor with corporation. Our government is avoiding this as it is bad PR.


A young boy comes from one of those new BLAND areas of new slipshod track development housing thrown up for profit by developers. The rural area has been devoured. The animals must move to find habitat they can continue to survive in. That habitat is shrinking as we type or read this. Those animals are becoming ever more stressed. But what of the people who lived there for all their lives in rural peace that are also getting marginalized. Surely there are many and their children and grandchildren are becoming fraught with anxiety that will be treated with medication if too severe. These are the consequences of the destruction of a local rural area  that gets newly developed for monetary gain by a corporation. One can better understand this young man if one knows this. He lives among those who are affected.

If you are a gamer, know a gamer, or even know some things about gaming there is something else to consider. ALL gamers are aware of these mass shootings as they participate in them online in VIRTUAL REALITY. 

In Virtual Reality you cannot get out of the game unless you unplug your computer. It feels like one of those malware fixer uppers that flashes across your screen telling you to send in money for them to fix it. You cant turn them off and you are desperate. That's how they have stolen millions from people. Gamers know about this sort of thing too.

ALL terrorism is noticed by gamers. Each incident incites them. It is occurring in REAL life but the incident is also like any inclusion in a Virtual Reality game. So there is this immersion in Simulated Reality and in Real Reality (if there is such a thing).

Consider Cronenberg's film CRASH from Ballard's novel.

People are setting up a counterfeit REAL crash to copy a real celebrity crash. Think James Dean's crash that killed him or another celebrity that was maimed: Steve Reeves from being thrown by a horse that he was showing in the Madison Square Garden Horse Show. 

These planned accidents result in the maiming of the participants and sometimes their own deaths. They are SIMULATIONS of the REAL!

The mass shootings are of a similar ilk. CNN described the El Paso Shooting as the largest death and injury total committed by one serial killer that has ever happened in the US.

Do you even get that?

Regressing to the Twilight fandom that was unable to distinguish between the real life romance of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from the novel and movie romance of the vampire falling in love with the human girl played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was what fueled this mass hysteria fandom of women waiting days for a glimpse of RobertPattinson
and dropping billions into the corporation of Summit Productions making them solvent and a player in Hollywood instead of the bankruptcy they were tottering toward.

But it is this inability to separate Simulated Reality from Real Reality that is so disturbing. 

Another example occurred in the book and movie DIVERGENT. 
Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are brother and sister in this movie.

Shailene Woodley  was cast for the lead feminine part in The Fault In Our Stars. Ansel Elgort was auditioning for the part of her boyfriend in that movie. Shailene has said she told him he probably wouldn't get it because they were brother and sister in Divergent and issues of INCEST would come up. And WOW did they ever when Elgort got the part. What a furor these young women created.

You see they couldn't tell the difference between Simulated Reality - the movie - and Simulated Reality in another movie, let alone the real life of these two actors that just know each other as friends.

Now that is what is really frightening that none of the fake news journalists ever picked up.

I am being excessive on these examples because of these shootings which can be perceived in the same thought pattern of a distressing inability to see the difference between Simulated Reality and Real Life. 

So now the next shooter will have to scale the bar that CNN just informed them about. CNN you and all the others are RESPONSIBLE for what you say and write. You have put this in the heads of untold gamers ALL OVER THE WORLD. They do not know each other but they feel tribal, in solidarity with each other.

And this is what makes governments impotent, helpless to stop them. Banning guns will now not solve the problem. Too little and too late now.

And what better statement can be made now than to turn WALMART into a danger zone. We can walk in there with a cart from outside, put something in it, throw our coat over that, and go in to shop. Or not to shop. The consequences of this shooting will be to turn WALMART into a surveillance center like nothing we have yet seen. 
Surveillance has been to prevent stealing. Now surveillance will be a whole new ball of wax.

All those Texans that must have their guns, can anyone tell me why they weren't carrying yesterday? and if they were, why didn't they..................? 

And people filming it?

And no one organizing some to just go get him and risk whatever they had to risk doing it. The way the passengers on that Pennsylvania plane did on 9-11?

We watch violent sports but when it comes to the violence in our daily lives we try to save our hides by hiding and getting out ourselves. That is what non patriotism really means.
There is no patriotism to simply STOP the violent murderer.

And these people know Americans are SHEEP who will baaaa and run and hide.

These gamers do not know each other, and yet they know they are a tribe.


They are the ones who may or may not know the difference between Simulated Reality and the Real World of Walmart.

Now maybe this young man shooter can and maybe he cant. IDK

Many men prefer plastic boobs (Simulated Reality) from real ones that do not look so perfect.

And those who rely on GPS know not the territory. The Map is the Territory.

What I do know is that more gamers are out there watching being stimulated by what he did. Dreaming perhaps of what he did. And what they might do as they do know that the US government has lied to us for generations and pretended to take us into consideration but are now obviously being seen as wearing MASKS to obscure the SPECTACLE concealing the REAL that is full of EMPTINESS. 
There is no more American Dream for them. That IDEOLOGY has been shredded and thrown under the bus.

But there is no replacement. And any addict knows that to get clean they MUST replace their dangerous addiction with a healthy addiction. If you want to argue about that read INFINITE JEST  
first, then argue with me.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

DUNE: Proof That Continental Philosophy Is Dominant In Saying The MEANING of the TEXT is in the MIND of the READER.

DUNE is a different book from the one you read long ago. completely different. Then it was prescient sci fi that we all loved. Now it is our world today and the one coming at us faster and faster..

The terrible truth is who were we when we missed it completely to go about living our lives blindly. The multitude of lives blindly lived that got us here when we were carefully told in a way we could understand, love and relate to. 

You will read it today and wonder who the hell you were when you read it before. Who was that person you called you? 

The words are still the same words on the printed page. But the MEANING is totally different. Is there any discussion now that the TEXT conveys the MEANING instead of Continental Philosophy saying that the 


Halleck murmured, “For they shall suck of the abundance of the seas and of the treasure hid in the sand.

Appendix I

Beyond a critical point within a finite space, freedom diminishes as numbers increase. This is as true of humans in the finite space of a planetary ecosystem as it is of gas molecules in a sealed flask. The human question is not how many can possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive. 

Pardot Kynes, first Planetologist of Arrakis

There is no escape _ we pay for the violence of our ancestors.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Saving Mackenzie Foy From Lolita Land

multi pics posed of Mackenzie Foy
Geared up for pre-pubescent Lolita sexy!

Lolita Sucking a Lollypop

Lollypop is a Euphenism for ahem that male part of the anatomy that can be sucked,and licked.


In 1937 Greene was a film reviewer for Night and Day magazine. In a review of the Shirley Temple vehicle Wee Willie Winkie, he wrote:
 "Her admirers – middle-aged men and clergymen – respond to her dubious coquetry, to the sight of her well-shaped and desirable little body, packed with enormous vitality, only because the safety curtain of story and dialogue drops between their intelligence and their desire."

Twentieth Century Fox sued on behalf of Temple, then aged eight, on the grounds that Greene had implied she played deliberately to "a public of licentious old men, ready to enjoy the fine flavour of such an unripe, charming little creature", Cavalcanti wrote.

Wee Willie Winkie Doll
 He added: "Thanks to vigilant, quick-witted friends, Graham was warned that the Americans producing the film had introduced a writ of libel against him, meaning that not only would the backers of Night and Day pay a large fine, but he, Graham himself, faced a prison sentence. The only solution was to find a country without extradition. They chose Mexico and our poor Graham went away very quickly indeed. Very likely Shirley Temple never learned that it was partly thanks to her that, during his exile, Graham Greene wrote one of his best books." : The Power and the Glory
http://www.independent.co.uk/n...The entire article is/was in his biography.
Jon Benet Ramsey

Would she have been sexually assaulted and killed if she 

hadn't been advertised as a Lolita? 

All these children have had their childhood stolen in 

homeopathic doses. Invisible theft. No thief. 

The Perfect Crime - Jean Baudrillard.

Mackenzie Foy- zine in a slip - vintage
Kristen Stewart Panic Room Premiere Age Nine

Stimulus/Response: Slave and Superpet  - John Holt

Excerpted from ESCAPE FROM CHILDHOOD, 1974

Free the Children;They Need Room To Grow

Children have always been owned and controlled by adults

But the family of which most people speak now-Mom,Pop and the kids-is a modern invention. The family of 100 years ago was in turn very different from the European family of 300 years before, when the whole notion of the home and the family as a private institution had not yet been invented. There is much evidence that the modern nuclear family is not only the source of many people's most severe problems but also is breaking down in many ways or changing into new forms. (Holt is thinking genealogically here anticipating Foucault.)

The family was not invented, nor has it evolved, to make children happy or to provide a secure emotional and psychological background to grow up in. Mankind evolved the family to meet a very basic need....to make sure that as many children as possible were born and, once born, physically taken care of until they could take care of themselves.
...But the family was not invented to give people someone to love, or to make them happy,...To the extent that happened, it was extra. (Here we have Foucault's genealogy of the family intersecting with the growth of capitalism which needed healthy workers and consumers.)

Basically the family was and is a tiny kingdom, an absolute monarchy. It is this version of the family that people most heatedly defend. Most people who talk angrily about saving the family or bringing back the virtues of the family do not see it as an instrument of growth and freedom but of dominance and slavery, a miniature dictatorship, sometimes justified by "love," in which the child learns to live under and submit to absolute and unquestionable power. It is a training for slavery. 

What we need is to recreate the extended family. Or rather,  wee need to allow, encourage, and help young people create extended families of their own. There is no reason why the adult friends of a child should be friends of his parents. Parents generally want friends like themselves..

There can be no adequate protection against the abuse of authority, by parents or the state, except to give the victim the right to escape it.

She is NOT a victim of programming
All these Lolitas create the demand for this at a car show in Asia:
Child Exploitation at Car Show in Asia
A little more explicit eh.
How much more explicit try visiting the sex tourist trade there for children

Children Models

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

POEMS 6-26-19


He toys with me 
I had been thinking
You are a toy he says
So little a tiny toy
I’ll carry you home
I’ll carry you I’ll carry you!
I am a Scorpio! I'm a Scorpio!
When are we going to have sex!
I hear DeLillo’s Eric Packer?
The knife goes in the heart of the bull
Three times and the blood gushes!
Like Fred Astaire he slides 
Fast cutting angled side steps across the floor
An unknowing flamenco.
The furious and stupid 
Virago enters the door.
His performance stops.
But it didn’t quite happen that way.


How do I know
If the fish in my brain
Refuse to swim up
To the surface plane?
All glittering scales
Flashing in light
Telling me yes and yes
It will all be right.


In Robert Wilson’s Opera:
The Life and Times 
Of Sigmund Freud,
I saw you run
Before you were born.
A Mercury of Time,
Now a running Apollo 
Scribbled all over
By drunken Dionysians
With Intentions of Parrhesia
You know nothing about.
Seeing you now confuses
The past which was
The future and this present
Mirroring the past.
Is there a tense somewhere
That they call
Future past or past future
Like the Intentional of the Hopi?
Because her car was laden
With Destiny that came
Crashing across my lifeline
Forcing me to live
In Alterity; waving at her
Drifting farther away,
Until I almost can’t hear her sigh.

It is not the present which influences the future, thou fool, but the future which forms the present. You have it all backward.  Since the future is set, an unfolding of events which will assure that future is fixed and inevitable. CHILDREN OF DUNE  Leto II p. 278 *

Don’t hold your breath
The Buddha says
Breathe through each
Moment of Samsara.


It is better to marry
Said St. Paul,
Than to burn.
I disagree.
It is through burning 
That I see
Your challenge thrown at me:
Turning all those fetishes
Of tattoos on arms thighs and lives
Laboring to burn memories Into flesh.
Bought wounds from Studios of Design
Selling trendy.