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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

People Know What They Do. They Frequently Know Why They Do What They Do. But What They Don't Know Is What They Do Does.-Foucault

Pattinson Signing
Group Pic With Pattinson

 Mayhem in Toronto. Why is Rob Pattinson so complicit? Reading through Baudrillard's Revenge of the Crystal  Eric Packer starts out the day being complicit. He ends the day as a world-self crucified visionary prophet. How does it happen to him? 
They are enjoying this, aren't they? At last Cronenberg has a film that will hit the big time and one that is important enough to deserve being there: Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo It is also Pattinson's ticket to the award circles for a performance that could be considered great even by the suits.  Eric Packer is a major modern character.  Cronenberg and Pattinson
Postscript August 8 2012: I couldn't have been more wrong about Cronenberg eh.

Cropped-Fan Pic

Rob Signing After Shooting

A Hostage: Robert Pattinson As Eric Packer
Cosmopolis Shooting Crowds In Toronto  
Foucault Quote-Madness and Civilization

Vija: What is the flaw of human rationality?
Eric: What?
Vija:It pretends not to see the horror and death at the end of the schemes it builds.     (DeLillo Cosmopolis p. 90-91)

There are at robsessed a huge number of fan digital pics, a blog post by a fan in Toronto, and an outcry from posters who want Pattinson to be left alone, be able to work, be taken seriously as an actor. And Other posters who are drooling. What does Rob want? What does Cronenberg want? And what does the administration of robsessed want?

The administration of robsessed knows what it is doing and why it is doing it. But does it know what it doing does.

Does Rob know what his complicity DOES? I don't think so.