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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Letter for Jaycee Dugard From Another Rape Victim

A blogger posted this on another site instead of here. I have her permission to post it here as a blog for Jaycee Dugard. She was raped constantly as a child.

15, 2009 10:05 PM | REPLY
I do love cats, too. All animals.

I was trying to go to sleep just now, and I couldn't stop thinking about what I could possibly say about Jaycee's case.

And then I realized, I'll bet I know what she daydreamed about sometimes.

I used to daydream all the time as a child about a safe place, a place I could hide where no one would find me, where no one could hurt me. I used to take great joy in daydreaming about hearing the footsteps of the people who were coming to hurt me, and they were looking for me, but I was safely hidden, and they would never find me. I was hidden with enough to eat, and warm blankets, and I was happy and cozy and most of all safe.

I read that abused children often daydream of survival, like my daydreams that I had. So I was thinking, I'll bet she daydreamed of safe places too sometimes.

I think when the worst hits, when peak oil really socks us in the stomach, we will all be doing a lot of daydreaming about survival. We will be dreaming of a place where the civil war or the riots won't reach us, a place where we have enough power/energy, enough food, enough of everything we need to survive and be happy.

I was just thinking, the people who hate based on race or religion or gender, are really only dabbling in hate. You see, I hate so deeply that I don't want only one race or gender to cease to exist, I want all of humanity to cease to exist. I won't take any action to achieve those ends beyond not having any children of my own, but if enough of us came to that conclusion, if enough of us hated that deeply, we might just cease to exist.