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Monday, November 05, 2018

Poems on Reading Le Carre's Looking Glass War and Kenner on Eliot

They sent off their lamb
Leaving it to 
Survive in wilderness.
Prey of the machine, the State
This Boy Club playing Hide and Seek for REAL.

Spies like women
Are commodities. 
Interchangeable in an unchanging exchange.
Wearing down, wearing out.
Because they breathe.
Here, have some more he said 
passing the plate.

How many years 
Did they wait for me to die?
Sharing a bedroom
With her growing larger
To take my place
And was that how come I came to grow and live?
When did they know
She also was a mistake?
That they were a mistake?

Soon we all will be mostly gone.
The last generation of Depression Babies.
A small demographic
With a childhood in war years
No lust for things
That hadn't been dreamed of yet
To turn into cheap coins
That were no longer
Beautifully engraved silver flowing images
That we carefully exchanged
Not wanting to part
With cherished loveliness
To obtain what we thought was less.

Eliot: The Cocktail Party:

Two people who know that they do not understand each other
Breeding children whom they do not understand
And who will never understand them.