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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Stolen, Circulating Wedding Picture With Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Stolen Wedding Picture

I know this is focusfree here but let's just focus a minute on this pic. Just simply LOOK at it. What do you see?

Isn't it just one of those pics at a group gathering that everyone has participated in. You paste a smile on and get it over with, eh? But there is one person in this photo that knows the motivation the photographer has for taking it. That's Rob. But he's in a double-bind here. 

If he says what he knows he will get joshed. Hey, don't be so paranoid. The whole world doesn't want your pic. C'mon it's just a silly photo.

No, it's not. The camera snapper is going to sell it. That person has the rights to it because they took it. No matter if they were paid to do the wedding. Maybe? Or maybe it's a fellow guest. Who knows.

So Rob complies, but not gracefully. His shirt is hanging, his sunglasses are on - two others also - his beer is in his hand - others also - but he has that grim, sullen, tight mouth of displeasure. So any soft and pleasant feelings he was having have been erased by his annoyance and held back anger. When he remembers this day, he will not remember the soft happy feelings, but he will remember the stolen pic that circled globally; the one where he was criticized for the way he was dressed for a wedding, the way his gf was criticized for having a beer in her hand when she was underaged.
Folks. That is The Perfect Crime. Another little bit of reality -  read Rob's life -  was just stolen from him. In a homeopathic dose so he wouldn't even notice. Clever: no body, no crime, no punishment, an invisible happening. A perfect crime.

How much of your life has already been stolen? How much of mine? We are all in this together, you know, as we move deeper and deeper into simulated reality. Rob just allows us to project our feelings as he is stalked by 24/7 surveillance. Projection means that you are reversing what you feel and displacing, projecting it on to another. This keeps you from knowing. Many of us are already stalked only we don't know it. Do you live near an intersection with a camera? Then you already are. Invisibly.

Here's another: Rob is happily walking his dog with his friend Tom. In a moment he will realize that he is being stalked and filmed. His lovely moment will be ruined. Another homeopathic dose of reality stolen. He goes through this every day and every night. Only he is aware of it. We are not. Our surveillance is invisible. Welcome to 1984

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