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Sunday, September 18, 2016

James Carrin: Pushkin Girl and Poem

James Carrin Pushkin Girl
I read in Artforum that the critics highly praise Carrin but that he is not a great seller. As Picasso once said, "I don't make Wallpaper." Carrin's paintings are not exactly comfortable Wallpaper, are they. How would you even discuss this painting with someone who comes into your home. Better leave it to the museums eh. 

Gone to the wind is any idea of childhood innocence when you look at this. Very uncomfortable feeling. I can even imagine this one setting you up and then turning you in to the authorities. What an evening's discussion this could turn into. An unpleasant visit guaranteed.

Poem 9-3-16

Carrin's Pushkin's Girl
Observes you;
Her young sneer
Inscribing her face;
"I must be protected
From lechery
And my own
Or not."