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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jack the Ripper/Walter Richard Sickert?

Walter Richard Sickert: sick  sicker  stick  sticker  trick  tricker  trickster  Spring-heeled Jack  Jack the Jumper  Jumping Jack  Richard the Ripper  Jack the Ripper Jack the Jumper runs away  Jack the Ripper stays and sticks, rips open their throats  Both wear cloaks  Saucy Jacky a Ripper post card.

Patricia Cornwell wishes to nail him. Sickert the Ripper is too slippery. The rascal Raskolnikov waits for history to give him his Porfiry. 

Gavin Poole=Marvin Toone They all do that, guys on the run, Lucas said. Pick out a name that sounds sorta like their own.....I was laughing because of the Toone thing. You know, a guitar maker, picking out a name like Toone.
Golden Prey:Sandford, Putnam Penguin Random House,p.233

Sickert is multi-lingual from childhood. German was his native language. French he was speaking in Dieppe, France at five years. English by ten. Others? I don't know but suspect some knowledge but perhaps not fluent. The consequence of multi-lingual is the play on words. Sickert as a boy growing up in London where he lived from age 10, memorized much of Shakespeare and forced his siblings and friends to act in Shakespearean plays he put on as a child. All the word play and puns in Shakespeare were known and played with by young Walter. As an adult Sickert could recite long passages from speeches by Shakespeare.

Sickert's mother loved music and sang in the house when they were children. One favorite was:

I am Jack Jumper the youngest but one
I can play nick-nacks upon my own thumb

We know this from his sister Helena's autobiography as well as much about his childhood.