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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twilight was/is an EVENT and Water For Elephants is a Movie

Rob and Tai WFE
  • I think Reese herself only took $2M up front, betting on backend points. Her willingness to take a drastic cut is what got the film off the ground and drew in Christoph and Rob. I think the entire gang was ready to put art over commerce, too bad Fox didn't follow their lead!
  • I hadn't heard that but it doesn't surprise me. A lot of times actors will forgo their big salaries in order to get a film up off the ground. And some absolutely will not. No pay. No play.
    And like your friend and mine has said, the big studios cannot, will not take chances. They speak in lofty pladitudes, but their shingle's out for business for one reason and one reason only...coin. And while we cannot predict audiences, one sure bet is that they don't run to the cinema in droves to see R rated, gritty dramas with high sexual content. So what's a big studio to do? Raise the bar on them or give 'em what they want? And Rob's figured this game out. He goes to work for the majors, he's compromising. But compromising in those instances will allow him to go back into the world of independents and/or avante guard in which he can set his inner artiste loose. It's a game and those who learn how to play it...survive. Those who don't...don't.Loisada and 1 more liked this