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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Stefan Simchowitz Read Through Nassim Nicholas Taleb's SKIN IN THE GAME

Stefan Simchowitz
Stefan entered the art world as an EVENT. As a BLACK SWAN as Nassim Taleb might say.
I dont upload books from Amazon anymore if at all possible. Sorry it is not so good an image as Amazon's
Stefan seems to not fully understand his extraordinary position in the art world at this time as he is simply following himself. So far no one is following him but that is just a temporary lag.

I have written my reading of him through Continental Philosophers, particularly Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin. To me he has moved the "selling" of art far away from his idea of collecting. To summarize again he buys directly from the artist he prefers, holds the pieces in his own collection, and uses his ability to make the artist visible and collectible to others. No gallery, no stable, no trotting them around for PR so they can stay in their studios and WORK!

On reading a blog post from one of my favorites Nassim Nicholas Taleb from his latest book:

Now we have the sound bite for Stefan. 
What Stefan has done is HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME! !!!
This is clear. Correct? Stefan has put his money where his eyes have chosen. 
He will profit from his choice. Or not. 
The artist will profit more also. Or not.
So far Stefan is doing very well.
We can say he has a very good eye.

And when you read the Nassim Taleb link on Skin in the Game you will see why Stefan is changing the art collecting world. And Stefan will see why also.

just told him why!