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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Last night I dreamed I was walking with an ex-friend who has horses. We were walking with one of her horses that she was taking to the slaughterhouse. Or rather we were meeting someone who would transport the horse there, while it walked along with us like a pet. It was emaciated, every bone on its body was outlined. 

We met the man who had a station wagon with horses inside. On the passenger side he picked up her horse and put it inside the car, fastening him down on his back with a belt which he buckled. 

I reached in the opening in the back as there was no window. I wanted to pet the horse and say goodbye. The horse put his hoof in my hand. It was frightened and upset, begging me for help. I unbuckled the leather belt, lifted the horse out and set him down to free him. 

My ex-friend said, "Why did you do that? We can't be friends anymore." She turns her back to walk away.

I say, "What does he eat?"

She says, "Grain. I feed him a handful but he doesn't eat."

The End
For Homes for Horses 

but once you have, it is a 
memory that will be burned 
into you for as long as you 
live. In its last days, a 
starved horse truly looks like 
skin has been sprayed over 
its skeleton, with well 
defined hip bones, spinal 
processes and ribs just 
underneath the skin. Despite 
so many odds, the will to 
live often keeps the horse 
going far longer than it 
seems possible. We’ve seen 
them eat fence post and rails, trees and dirt, just to stay alive a little longer

Freudian analysis teaches us to look at the day/the time before the dream. A friend had told me that being tied down was not an option. 

We had been discussing the film
Tie Me Up! Tie Me 
The Dreamtime of the aboriginal tribes in Australia invert the Freudian analysis. The dream dreams a world, a child, an object into existence. 

"Psychoanalysis overturned. Instead of the dream being the fulfillment of desires unsatisfied in real life, real life would be the site where desires born of dreams were fulfilled. Instead of being the dumping ground of the unconscious, dreams would be the matrices of real events - thus becoming like the 'dream' of the Aborigines, for whom a child has to be dreamt before he can be begotten, 'real' paternity being merely the fulfillment of the dream." (Cool Memories IV 105)

Bella dreams her child into existence, does she not? (Breaking Dawn)

Herzog's film Where the Green Ants Dream follows a group of Aborigines in Australia following the Songlines of the Green Ants. They believe that the world was dreamt into existence. The mountains, the hills, the valleys, Rocks, rivers,and they make pilgrimages to these places dreamt into existence. They know where to go because the Songlines are an orally remembered song map of where these places are. The Whites have built over many of them, or there is a store where they sit in the corner and hum because that's where the Green Ants are. These pilgrimages last months and they walk all the way with their babies and children teaching them the songs and places. The first toys of the babies are leaves, pieces of grass, flowers, and so they learn to love the earth this way.

Bruce Chatwin's Songlines is Chatwin's walking tour of Australia. He used to be a very successful antiquities specialist for Sothebys. He began going blind and his doctor advised him to quit and go traveling. As Chatwin walked across the tarmac to his plane, his vision returned. His books are a marvel to read.