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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jaycee Dugard Incompetent Searchers Responsible Not

Actually the sheriff and police, the parole officers and deputies are not really responsible for not finding her and getting her home. A neighbor called in about women and children in the back yard, saying he was a sex offender and demanding they do something about these people living in the backyard. So the deputy goes and doesn't know he's a sex offender and doesn't look in the backyard. This is not because he is stupid. This is because there is a lack of communication, an inability to connect the dots. Think 9-11 for a minute and Condi's whod a thunk someone would fly an airplane into a building utterance of inanity? Just Arnold and a couple of Hollywood directors, that's who. Ever go to the movies, girl?

The same deficiency operates in the search for Jaycee. That blindness to connect clues. Maybe reading Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie should be required reading for professional sleuths. I prefer Maigret myself.

It is the fault of our educational system. There is an emphasis on obedience, not questioning. Question Authority is a great t-shirt to wear. People get upset with it and think you are a liberal radical. Well, you are. It's the only thing that is going to rescue us from dumbness, our cultural way of life.

Now we have two women at UC Berkeley seeing that the two girls are behaving strangely when Garrido comes to get a permit to pass out religious literature. Campbell gets Jacobs to run a background check and they find out he's a sexual offender. (This is after Campbell, stalling him, has told him to come back on Tuesday for the permit. I wonder if Campbell was afraid to see him alone?)Both women are there Tuesday and this is how they report some of what they noticed.

According to Jacobs, both daughters were robotic, extremely pale to the point of being almost gray, and with non-responsive bright blue eyes. The 15 year old was first seen staring up at the sky.

Well now, with both of these women in mother mode,(their choice of words) the dots are starting to be connected. Calling the parole officer he says, "but he doesn't have any daughters", the light is turning on. Garrido brings Jaycee (Alyssia) to the parole officer's office on Wednesday with the two children (she is his wife and the mother and now he trusts her) and the cat is out of the bag when they question Jaycee. Evidently she has never learned to lie. That was probably one of the things that saved her. She had no treachery in her soul, unlike our Huckleberry Finn, who prizes the ability to deceive when necessary.

But it is the two women with their intuitive faculties still not suppressed that open the window for Jaycee's escape.

Americans are so unable to connect dots that it has become a national liability and will lead to our disintegration along the lines of Toynbee's thesis of disintegrating civilizations. It has prompted me here to review Inglourious Basterds in order to defend Tarantino. All the reviews are mostly clueless reporting the plot only or tearing Tarantino to shreds. Just like now we know the plot of Jaycee's abduction, the incompetent search, the fixation on the stepfather (shades of the Ramseys)and 18 years of unobservant, clueless observation of Phillip Garrido. I do not blame these men. I meet them all the time, everywhere I go. People are asleep. They look and do not see.

Campbell is wasted issuing permits. She needs to be at a high government level. She sees. She connects signs and clues. She intuits, she interprets. But she attributes her ability to do this as being a mother. That is she has been an observant mother, which is not the same thing. She is exercising her full human capabilities for thinking creatively and correctly. How great that the parole officer remembered he didn't have any children thus turning his mind up a few notches.

For more of the heart of the story see; http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20301301,00.htm

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